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What is EFL?  EFL stands for Entrepreneur For Life.  Our EFL Agency helps entrepreneurs protect, promote, and grow their businesses.  We believe in helping fellow entrepreneurs on their road to success just as we ourselves have also been helped along the way.  Please scroll and see some of our SaaS offerings that will be able to help you along the way.

Mobile Application Development

From basic to complex, we are happy to help small businesses with their mobile application needs.   Everyone is on mobile and businesses need to be on mobile as well to compete.  At a minimum a website that works well on mobile is needed to be successful.  Why?  Customers that are looking for you are more than likely looking on their mobile device.  Have you noticed that many websites have a banner advertising their app when you get to their home page?  Many people will download the app and proceed to use that on their phone instead of the web browser, thereby eliminating the chance that the customer goes back to the search results and chooses a competitor.  

If you would like more information on our mobile app development services, please click the button below to contact us and we will be happy to help you get what you need.

Reputation Management System

Why you need a Reputation Protection System

Knowing what people are saying about you is key to reputation management!  A Reputation protection system comes into play for those times when people weren’t exactly happy and they want the whole world to know about it.  How long would it take you to find all of the places where someone tried to smear you?  How would you fix the problem?  Could it be possible to turn that bad review into more sales for your business?

Finding bad reviews

Finding bad reviews or comments about you or your business can be time consuming.  Thankfully there is a reputation protection systemRepWarn, that will help you to do just that!  RepWarn helps by finding bad reviews and alerting you immediately so that you can take action!

Fixing bad reviews with the Reputation Protection System

The nice thing about most popular review platforms like google for example, is that they provide owners the opportunity to be able to reply to a review, thereby fixing bad reviews.  Evidence shows that replying to a bad review and explaining what happened or offering to fix it actually builds confidence in the readers.  It helps the potential customer see how you respond to problems and inspires confidence.

Turn bad Reviews into Business

The good thing about responding to bad reviews is that it inspires confidence.  The result is that your potential clients are not turned away like the bad reviewer hoped they would be.  Responding to bad reviews also lets customers know that you believe in customer engagement.  This could result in more business!  The key is to communicate.  As soon as you learn of the bad review on RepWarn, take action!

So in conclusion, by using RepWarn you can monitor your reputation and take immediate action when you learn of something negative about you or your business on the internet. 


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Total Active Users

Finding New Clients

The Cold Reach Lead Generation System is so easy to use that anyone can do it!  There are a few details you need to know in order to make the lead system work.  First, you need to know the location you want a lead in.  This should be a pretty easy task.  As a business owner you know where you want your business to come from as well as where you are willing to go for business.  If your business is based online and you can work anywhere, well, the world is your oyster!  Second is the type of business you want as a lead.  Not all businesses will be good clients for you.  As a result, this is something you should know before you go.  For example, if you help contractors with their insurance claims, you’d want to search for that specific type of contractor in mind.  Once you know these two parameters you are good to go.  Input them into the Cold Reach Lead Generation System and you will soon have many new targeted leads!

Where Can you Find out More about this System?

Thankfully, a Lead Generation System is an easy system to find out about.  It’s even easier to get a trial of Cold Reach to try it for yourself!  Cold Reach has developed an unbeatable Lead System that is easy to use and affordable.  Gone are the days where you pay $100 per lead!  The days of having your own in-house Leads are here!  You can click here or you can click the button below to find out more about the cold reach Lead Generation System (please note that this and other links on this page are affiliate links, but we do love this system!)

Market Research System

Every company knows that market research is an essential part of reaching a target audience.  Market research can be tedious and time consuming.  If only there were a market research system that could do the work for us.  Well, that is no longer and “if only” statement.  That dream is now reality.  How can you easily do your market research?  What are the benefits of having a market research system?  And, most importantly, what do you need to do to get in on the action?

How to easily do research

Have you ever dreamed of just being able to input a little information and get back everything you ever wanted to know and more about an audience?  Thankfully, that dream is now a reality.  With DataJeo, you do just that.  Define a few parameters and then let the DataJeo research system do the rest for you.  No more staying awake at night thinking about how to solve the market research problem for your business.  Problem solved!

Benefits of a Market Research System

With a research system in place, you will be able to spend more time working on other aspects of your business that are important to you.  For example, maybe you can design new products or services that will laser target your audience.  Now that you know so many details about your audience, you can get your products and services to fit their exact needs.  Your research and development team will spend less time on market research and more time on developing what your clients need and want. 

How to get the DataJeo Market Research System

It’s no secret that we are referring to the DataJeo market research system.  They have developed the best possible way to know your market.  All you have to do is get started using it.  Thankfully you can even get a free trial.  Don’t listen to us brag about this system, go see what they have done and sign up for the free trial and you’ll see it’s worth every penny.

Click below to be taken to DataJeo for more information (this link and others are affiliate links)

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Client Engagement System

people with speech bubbles

Once you have acquired or are in the process of acquiring your clients, you will need some way to support them and keep them happy.  Client engagement is extremely important to the success of your business.  When you are there for your clients to answer their questions and atend to their needs, they will be more inclined to stay with you.  Clients that stay, keep paying.  When they keep paying, you keep earning.  The formula is really quite simple.  

The problem with engagement is knowing the best way to actually engage with the client as quick as possible.  Engaging on the website while they are there thinking of making a purchase is a great way to retain that client.  

We’d like to offer you the “Engage” client engagement system to help solve that problem for you.  With Engage, you will be able to manage client interactions on your website and help to increase retention and acquisition of your clients.

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Automatic Social Media Posting System

It’s no secret that social media is where everyone hangs out and talks about anything and everything under the sun.  For a business to be successful, it must have a social media presence in many cases.  When you are active on social media, it makes sharing, encouraging, and learning easy.  Current clients who love what you do or make can easily share with others who could very likely become your clients as well.  Regular posting and proper tagging will also attract new clients who will stumble across your social media page.  Maybe they’ll hang out for a while watching before they do something, but even if they don’t do anything, they will still know about you and maybe share your posts.

The problem with all of this is that it takes a lot of time to think of, write, and publish good social media posts that will engage followers and make them want to share.  What is the solution?  Well, we are happy to introduce you to an exclusive automatic social media posting system that we think will make your life a lot easier. 

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